“A copywriter should have an understanding of people, an insight into them, a sympathy toward them.”

–George Gribbin


Through the power of words and suggestive persuasion, I will help to convert your prospects into leads, your leads into opportunities, and your opportunities into customers.

–Erin Mixon


The above quote by legendary copywriter, George Gribbin, gives insight into what makes an impactful copywriter.

Good copywriting is all about connecting to the feelings, wants, desires and emotions of your prospective customer.  Having always been an avid reader since childhood assists me a great deal in being able to do this.   Learning characterization and human nature through the love of books has given me insight into the minds of prospects.

Naturally, my passion for books and language birthed a life-long love affair with words and writing.  This is evidenced by me majoring in English in college, and the fact that I was inducted into the English honor society, Sigma Tau Delta; and, then subsequently going on to teach high school Reading and English.

Today, this love affair continues as I help my clients to achieve their respective dreams, goals, and business needs…one dream at a time.