August  26, 2018 /By: Erin Mixon

“Revolutionize Your Business with an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy”

In an article titled, “Integrated Digital Marketing: The Basics,” Fiona Severson defines digital marketing as the synthesis of “marketing efforts across various media in real time.”

In layman’s terms, integrated digital technology is all about using many platforms and methods to advertise one’s business (as opposed to one main go-to) with technology being the main method.

In order for your business to not only survive, but to thrive in this technology based, fast changing and evolving world, you must have an integrated digital marketing strategy. Without this innovative approach to business, you run the risk of being annihilated by your competitors.


Why Integrated Digital Marketing Is Essential for Your Business Success

 1) Your Business Will Be More Visible to Customers

 Today’s society is inundated with ways in which people access information.  Long gone are the days where people received information through primarily one source.  Prior to the internet, television and newspapers were two of the main media sources that companies used to advertise.

This marketing was largely done through T.V. commercials and newspaper ads.  Today, with onset of the internet and evolving technology, consumers have sooo many more ways to receive information and advertising.

Some of these ways include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Email
  • Blogs


With all of these amazing technology platforms to choose from, business owners have more ways than ever to reach potential customers.

Businesses have the advantage of meeting customers where they are in order to increase the likelihood of being able to get the attention of potential customers.

If you think about it, this concept definitely makes smart business sense.

As a business owner, if I spend all my time, energy, and resources investing in an advertising strategy targeted at only one medium, I am isolating a large percentage of my customers.

If I only advertise on Youtube, what about all of the other technological platforms I would be excluding (refer to the aforementioned list)?

Today, it is more important than ever to market your business to a diverse audience in various ways on various platforms.

2)   Your Business Will Be More Accessible to Customers

Customers feel more at home with their platform of interest.  This leads to increased comfortability, usability, and interaction from customers.  This combination ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

Let’s say for instance you have a customer that happens to visit your website after a Google Search.  Once on the website, the customer encounters a pop-up ad from Facebook.  This particular customer is older and not really big on social media, so he does not click on the ad (due to feeling intimated about the platform).

While social media is not this customer’s cup of tea, he does feel comfortable leaving his email and subscribing to the newsletter.

Over the course of several months, the customer interacts with the newsletter and clicks on various links for more information and useful tools.

Eventually, after learning more about the product over time and interacting with the given information, this potential customer is converted into an actual customer when he finally feels confident enough to make a purchase.

 If your business is not offering consumers various ways to see and interact with your product, conversion from potential customers to actual customers is much less likely

It is your job as a business owner to meet customers where they areIf customers feel comfortable with a platform, they are more likely to see an advertisement, interact with it and ultimately feel comfortable enough to make a purchase.

3)   Your Business Will Experience a Greater ROI and Bottom Line Increase

 The benefits of marketing one’s business in a wide variety of ways through the use of varied platforms coupled with meeting customers where they are (and where they are comfortable) leads to higher customer conversion rates which translates to higher revenue for your business.

Not only will your revenue be much higher, but it will also yield a quicker return on investment, thus making your entire business model more efficient.

When customers are met where they are, on their own playing field so to speak, it cuts down on some of that initial reluctance and hesitation to interact with marketing efforts.

To expand this point, they would not even be presented with the advertisement or marketing campaign if it wasn’t presented on the platform in which he or she feels most comfortable in the first place.

By customers simply having this ease of access and comfort, they are much more likely to become “converted” a lot more quickly and thus efficiently.

 4)   Your Business Will Be Diversified and Therefore Protected

Diversification is important.

This concept is the same one that comes to mind when you diversify a financial portfolio.

If one investment goes bad, you still have an array of investments that are in good standing.

If you were to invest in only one stock (for instance) and you are hit with a major plummeting of that stock, the result would be disastrous and you could stand to lose all your funds.

 Let’s say for instance that your only social media platform to market your business was Myspace (at the height of its popularity).   At the time (prior to 2009), your business was thriving and flourishing because the platform was sooo popular and inundated with people that could view your advertisements.

But after 2009 when the platform’s popularity began to decline, your marketing/advertising plan is no longer reaching your target audience number.

As a result, the ROI and bottom line for your business suffers tremendously.

By diversifying your marketing efforts and having a variety of ways in which you market to and target potential customers, you are essentially protecting your business from potential financial ruin and from going under.

 So be smart—diversify.

Ultimately, it is clear that an integrated digital marketing strategy must be a part of your business in this day and age.

This new and innovative strategy is a sign of the times and a must in order to thrive and be successful in today’s evolving business market.

Without the implementation of this method, your business does not stand a fighting chance when it comes to the vast array of competition.

So do yourself and your business a favor—go-ahead and implement integrated digital marketing strategies into your business model today, or be left in the dust by your competitors.

The choice is simple.


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