September 25, 2017 /By: Erin Mixon

I went to the movies with a friend this past weekend.   While I’ve known this particular friend quite a while, I haven’t hung out with her in years.   Because we were searching for one movie in particular, we ended up going to a movie theater that was not in our neighborhood, and that I also hadn’t been to in years.

Did I mention that I hadn’t been to the movies in a while, period?

And to my surprise, I had a refreshingly fun and enjoyable time.

I must admit, I had gotten in somewhat of a rut.  You know…working hard at work all week long…sometimes you find yourself lacking the energy and motivation to put forth the effort to go out.

Before you realize it, the weekends can just become a time to decompress and try to get back to feeling normal (after the crazy demands of the work week).   One weekend sitting at home can turn into another…and another…until you get used to it…and it just becomes a comfortable routine….

Needless to say, this is not good!!

How will you even meet that new love of your life if you’re always sitting at home?…How will you be in that high vibration, fun mode to attract him/her if you’re not in the habit of actually being that fun person??… How will you be in a position to make new friends???

Answeryou won’t!!

So stop, today, right now, don’t even think about it…Today, get out of your comfort zone and vow to live again!!

It’s the only way life can find you!

If you’re hidden inside the house all the time, it won’t be possible.   You’ll remain hidden, and your beauty and greatness will never be able to shine through!

The following points are five ways to get out of your comfort zone and break free from your complacency rut:

1.Hang Out With A Different Set of Friends

When you hang around a particular group of people, you usually have a certain way of being and acting in their presence.   Likewise, they have a certain way they perceive you and expect you to act.

This expectation can keep you somewhat locked into a box

But have you ever noticed that when you’re around a different group of people, you may act quite differently??

There are other characteristics and personality traits that emerge that allow your growth and evolved sense of authenticity to come forward…

This experience,  you’ll find, makes you feel more alive, free, and invigorated.   It will be just the added spice you need to enhance and enliven your life!!

2. Go Out to Some New and Different Places 

Have you ever had the experience of  driving past a particular spot on a daily basis and never really noticing your surroundings??

Then one day you randomly look up and you’re shocked to find  something there you have never seen before (i.e. a store, building, apartment complex) that has always been there

You think to yourself how could I have never seen this before?   It’s crazy!

But because you’ve become so used to the daily status quo, you somehow stop noticing and engaging with the world around you.   Without realizing it, this zombie like state dulls your senses and enthusiasm for life.   The same thing happens when you continually go to the same places and do the same things.

Switch it up next time and see how your senses come alive again, and how that sparkle returns to your eyes!!

3. Break the Routine

As human beings, we love routines…

It gives us comfort to be able to predict and anticipate what’s coming next in our lives…

But remember, everything in moderation!!

Don’t keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.   If you’re always hanging with that same complacent friend that never wants to step out the box and try something new, (yet she complains that her life feels stuckmaybe it’s time to switch it up!

4. Say Yes/Be Open

It’s ok to go ahead and say yes.  Shondra Rhimes makes this point in her amazing book titled Say Yes.

Saying yes is all about being open to God and the universe and all that it has to offer you!

It’s about choosing to dance when given the opportunity to sit or dance.   It’s about being open and ready when an opportunity presents itself.   Just say yes!!