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K & P Pinnacle Property Management—The answer you’ve been searching for…

The day to day demands of property management can leave you feeling stressed, exhausted, and just plain worn out.

Once you tackle one problem, another one arises.

Even when things are smooth sailing…it can be quite the balancing act trying to juggle all the pieces of the puzzle simultaneously…


If you’re not careful, if you add one more factor into the mix, total chaos could ensue!!

If this sounds like a familiar story, then I have the perfect solution for you:

K & P Pinnacle Property Management


The K & P Pinnacle Advantage

At K& P Pinnacle Property Management, we take on the everyday, arduous demands of property management…

We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to…

So why choose K & P Pinnacle Property Management??

We provide:

  • Tenant screening (including financial and background checks)
  • * An online portal with easy access to earnings reports and portfolio records
  • * Rent collection enforcement
  • * Regular property inspections
  • * Repairs and maintenance
  • * Local price trend monitoring
  • * Advertising from 40 different websites to attract prospective renters


Here at K & P Pinnacle, we prioritize your best interests, find you amazing tenants, and make you money each month!!

At K & P Pinnacle…when we say it’s all about you, we mean that!

Let us help you regain yours sanity and peace of mind by getting back three components to a tranquil life that you can’t put  a price tag on…time, energy, and balance.


K & P Pinnacle is the win-win solution for both property managers and tenants, alike.

So what are you waiting for?

Give us a call today for a free rental analysis and consultation at:



You won’t be sorry.

If you are ready to regain back that much needed sanity and balance, go ahead and make that call.


Ps.  The only thing you have to lose is stress and aggravation…once again, you won’t be sorry.